Why Are Doctors Reluctant To Prescribe Adequate Pain Medication? I have re-occurring kidney stones from time to time. They disappear for one to two years, then come .

Best Answer: If you still have really bad pains after one year, shouldn't you get some sort of exam? Just a thought. which may be why a doctor won't prescribe you .

My doctor gives me 400 per month. 2 prescriptions of 200 meds. Always good to Why doctors dont prescribe percocet keep a stash of at least 100 pills, in case your doctor goes on vacation.

What sort of pain do you have to be in to convince a doctor to give you percoset Can I have percocet prescribed to me for stomach pain? car accident? pulled muscle?

Forums [ PharmD ] > Pharmacy . SDN Members don't see this ad. ( About Ads ) There's a couple people in the pharmacy . Because the doctors want to get paid .

I understand it's a controlled substance and all, but it's the only thing that ever touched my pain and I'm afraid to utter the word at all as Why doctors dont prescribe percocet when I asked for helped .

We have not stopped prescribing oxycodone, because we never have prescribed oxycodone. 'I think there's proper places for this medication to be used.'

Hey, my roomate takes percocets for whatever reason, I don't really know. He has a perscription. I had a really bad back ache the other day and he gave me one and I .

Best Answer: Percocet..as I imagine you know, is a Schedule ll narcotic indicated for moderate to sever pain. Possible indications are broken ribs and fracture disc .

I have coped with chronic back pain for over 2 years, missed alot of work. Took alot of aleve but for some reason I had an allergic reaction to aleve and now


Recently the clinic I go to changed to a new pain doctor. I told him I had been on Neurontin and other "seizure meds" before and not only did they not work but also .

Why are doctors generally reluctant to prescribe Marinol yet more than

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